Pemberley Digital Characters → Jane Bennet
"I don’t need one failed relationship to define me"

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if you knew how beautiful she was when she let me kiss her…

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Reblog if you will answer LITERALLY ANY anon questions.



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theater challenge: 1/8 characters →  sibella hallward

"this is the face of a woman a man could easily worship for all of his days!" 


theater challenge: 1/8 characters →  sibella hallward

"this is the face of a woman a man could easily worship for all of his days!" 
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tapedpages inquired:

I got to see Betsy Morgan as Fantine during Caissie's vacation, and Betsy was INCREDIBLE. Her Fantine was so naive and heartbroken, she was perfect. I love seeing understudies because they're always so passionate about playing the role!

And she was principle on the first leg of the US Tour from 2010 since the Boston run till almost the end! Genevieve Leclerc was hardly there a year if I recall correctly! So Betsy knows how to play Fantine. See is practically perfect in the role.
You know how in books they talk about how “she had the voice of bells”. Betsy Morgan has the voice of bells! It’s stunning! Her Ariel was the same way! Not to mention her acting is so believable!
Ugh! Betsy Morgan is just astounding! I’m rather sad I have not had the honor of meeting her yet! Xx

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Anonymous inquired:

Betsy Morgan Fantine appreciation (◡‿◡✿)

When I was in NYC a few months ago she went on the matinee and I went to the night show and Cassie was back on, I was so close to seeing her again. Cassie was good but Cassie was one of my first live Fantine’s and I was so frustrated! Oi! Xx

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Diana Kaarina Wong, Meg Giry in the Canadian Far East Tour (Hong Kong & Singapore 1995), and in Vancouver in 1997. 

Phantom of the Opera played 4 months in Singapore and 4 months in Hong Kong. It was amazing. They had a challenge finding a shade of blonde that worked on me for my wig, so I had 3 or 4 different wigs with different shades. I’m happy to say I made a better blonde than a redhead."
(From Diana Kaarina Wong’s blog)

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Anonymous inquired:

I have kind of a crush on southerncalcosette, but I'm a girl and she's straight XD.


well i think it’s nice nevertheless (◡‿◡✿)


 I heard somewhere someone say somewhere (no idea if it was meant to be offensive or not but I thought it to be true) that if your own gender likes you you are doing it right so I take this as a great compliment!

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Anonymous inquired:

How would you play Glinda and Fantine? I'm sorry if this is a terribly vague question, and of course you don't have to answer, but you're so good with character interpretation I can't help but be curious :)


 I don’t know why everyone playing her so Valley Girl. Sorry to all Valley Girls, I’m from OC so you know, not so different. Also I don’t see her as Elle Woods either. She’s entirely different. I see her kind of like Annie James in Parent Trap. Is Glinda comical? Yes. 100% yes. But she’s comical because she is dead serious about every single thing she says. I find this gives her much more space to grow as a character by the end of the show. She grows up a lot.


 I adore how Betsy Morgan and Celinde Schoenmaker play her. I think we as the audience should pity Fantine not because she asks us to pity her but because we see how much pain she goes through and still keeps going. She’s a fighter. I Dreamed a Dream is a song of hope, not a song of defeat or the “curse you God” song. It should be her saying “Yes my dream is gone now I must start a new dream just like I have always done”. Even when she is dying she should still have hope in her eyes and in her actions. 

 These are short answers of course. I could write a full analysis of each girl but that would take forever! Haha! Xx

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Anonymous inquired:

you'd be one of those villains that are really super sweet but turns out they had terrifying motives and want to destroy everything


I shall gladly join one of the greats…

Just kidding.

But really, what you just described is one of my favorite types of characters! Xx

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animated doodle.


animated doodle.

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Sebastian’s reaction when the moderator kept calling Bucky a villain [x]

Sebastian’s reaction when the moderator kept calling Bucky a villain [x]

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Wedding dresses in Las Vegas. One thing I recently learned is that the Mirror Bride dresses has gold in front, whereas the regular ones has not. 

1. Elizabeth Loyacano. This is the coolest wedding dress picture I know of.
2. Sarah Elizabeth Combs as Mirror Bride.
3. Sarah Galbraith as Mirror Bride (she was not a Christine u/s). 
4. Bonnie Fraser as Mirror Bride. 
5. Elizabeth Loyacano. No wait, THIS is the coolest one I know of. 
6. Kristen Hertzenberg (alt.) with Michael Lackey (u/s). 
7. Sierra Boggess.
8. Amanda Huddleston (u/s). 
9. Kristi Holden. 

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pia douwes alphabet | Les Misérables

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