Casting Announcement


We are ecstatic to tell you all that the ceaselessly talented xxlaurenxstarxx and southerncalcosette will be joining the Les Mis Tumblr Cast recording as Eponine and Cosette respectively!

Casting for these two iconic voices was rigorous and difficult, as these were by far the most…


Maria Kesselman with her Christine wardrobe. I won’t comment on her metal belt… I’ll comment on the awesome sneak peek into the interior of the first Christine Masquerade costume! 

From Maria Kesselman’s offical site

"This is a revolution, damn it! We’re going to have to offend somebody!" - 1776

The Unequal Marriage, Detail.

by Vasili Pukirev, 1862

Anonymous said:
How do you sing the high notes in the end of the title song with them sounding so full?

  • 4 years of classical training
  • practice
  • lots of support and not so much air!

It’s all basically one big party trick haha! Xx

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I’m going to the Into the Woods reunion! AHHHHHH!

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