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Fantine eponine and Cosette #confused
- Celinde

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A Heart Full of Love - Broadway Revival

Cast: Doug Kreeger (Marius), Ali Ewoldt (Cosette), Melissa McGowan (u/s Eponine)

 A while ago I got an ask about videos of the Rue Plumet. So I’m slowly putting together a little list and I will try to post one every day until I can’t find any more! I am tagging them “Videos from the Rue Plumet”!

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Tumblr: spreading the world apart, one group at a time.

THIS is the shit that bothers me with tumblr

when social correctness literally loops back around to bite its own ass

The china one is sort of golden though. At least their response to the idiocy.

When I say I hate the Social Justice side of tumblr, I mean this stuff. Not actual Social Justice issues and people—you guys are great.


i am a young mother. we are a special breed.

photo credit to brinkhoff/mogenburg

This ex-Cosette just ordered a Cosette Bow from viscountess! So excited!

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Didn’t think I would come across this when looking up Lisa Anne Wood…

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kind of bummed about Lauren leaving but also happy for Catherine!

EDIT: sorry for the crappy phone quality i’ll clean this up when I have the time ahhhh

Phoebe Street (was u/s Cosette in the West End from ‘12-‘13) singing Think of Me from The Phantom of the Opera

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musical theatre female character meme ♀ a supporting female character in a musical

clara johnson // the light in the piazza

"I have hardly met a single soul,
but I am not alone,
I feel known!
This is wanting something, this is praying for it,
this is holding breath and keeping fingers crossed.”